The variety of cannabis and its effects

There are many different types of weed. Marijuana refers to dried stems, flowers, leaves, and seeds of the plant Cannabis. The type of weed is explained by how the plant is prepared and what variety of Cannabis plant it is. You can check the store Venice Beach Cannabis Dispensary for a variety of Cannabis.

The main ingredient in weed is THC. This has psychoactive effects. This means it can change your mood, cognitive function, alertness, and cognizance. Cannabidiol is a large component of weed plants. It has relaxation effects but it doesn’t have any effects of THC.

The powerful types of weed tend to have a higher ratio of THC to CBD. This means that there is a lot more THC than CBD. When the proportions are more even the CBD can prevent the effects of THC. Hence the level of the chemicals in the weed controls what effect it has on the person.

The major types of weed and their effects

Cannabis indica

It originates in the Hindi “Kush” region near Afghanistan. It comes from a mountainous climate and it tends to be small and the appearance of a bush. Its leaves are fuller, rounder, and darker than the Sativa plant. And its buds tend to grow in bundles.

This produces a large number of low levels of CBD and THC. Hence it is still considered a strong weed. It can be very sedating; sometimes the people who consume it want to hang out on the couch. This is used at night before sleeping. It creates more of a body high because of its relaxing effects.

Due to its sedative effects, the indica is used by people who have insomnia. There is a recent study that showed that more people found comfort from insomnia and pain when using it compared to Sativa. This can be a result of higher levels of THC.

Cannabis Sativa

It originated from warmer climates such as South Africa and Mexico. This grows very tall with long thin leaves. It can also grow flowers depending on certain light conditions. It requires total darkness for more than 11 hours a day.

This can lower levels of THC compared to indica and have a higher level of CBD. It gives more equal levels of both chemicals. These strains have an energizing effect. This gives those people energy who consume weed from these strains at any time of the day. Some claim that it allows them to be more focused and more creative. This can also be described as a “head high” than the body high that was with indica.

Because of its energizing and mood-lifting, it tends to be used by some people who have experienced exhaustion or depression. This can relieve some symptoms of ADHD and other disorders.