Telugu Inspiring, Feel-Good Movies

Telugu Inspiring, Feel-Good Movies

ChoosiChudangane is a coming of age romantic drama film written and directed by Sesha Sindhu Rao. It is a Telugu inspiring, feel-good movie that came out of our industry in 2020 and left a great mark on the style of its work. Its new generation love story that leaves you with positive emotion. This film makes a great deal in your Telugu drama movies watch-list as it has the most beautiful storyline which relates it to many new generation youngsters.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Shiva Kandukuri

Actress: VarshaBollamma

Other actors: MalavikaSatheesan

Director: Sesha Sindhu Rao

Based: Dharmapatha Creations

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

Music: GopiSundar

Cinematography: Vedaraman, RavitejaGirijala

Editing: Vedaraman, RavitejaGirijala

Story By:  Sesha Sindhu Rao

Other information:

Runtime:  1h 53min

Release date:  31 January 2020

Genre: Romance

Box Office: ₹ 2.8 Cr

Story Line:

Siddu, a common college student who was forced to study engineering by his mother irrespective of his passion. He will have a fight with his mother and his father convinces him to take the course and work on your passion simultaneously so that both will be happy. Listening to his father’s words, Siddu takes up the course and starts going to his college while working for his passion for photography too. He meets Aishwarya, a beautiful woman in his college who loves him unconditionally. They both live their college life together happily but one fine day, due to some baffling emotional differences, they break up. After 3 years, Siddu with his passion in his mind, finds himself working in a wedding photoshoot for the time being and there he meets an ideal woman, a drummer, Sruthi. A high living girl who is totally independent, like-minded and positive towards everything. She is passionate about music and Siddu gets a lot of her wisdom and falls in love with her. Then a small twist she reveals was that she is his junior since college days and she loved him ever since but as he was with another girl in college, she couldn’t get more from him. That makes him love her more and they get together for a happy life.

Reasons To Watch ChoosiChudangane:

  • Escape into a world of romance and fall in love over again.
  • ChoosiChudangane is a fun story which is very relatable to everyone.
  • It is a beautiful movie which was made with a limited budget.
  • Music will fascinate the viewers and it will tempt them to watch it even more.
  • Artist performance is absolute bliss to watch.

Artist Performace:

  • As the story runs between Shiva Kandukuri, VarshaBollamma, and MalavikaSateeshan.
  • Shiva is a good actor and his performance was partially great.
  • VarshaBollamma killed and nailed the performance. He literally showcased his talent perfectly. It’s very impressive.
  • Malavika’s performance is watchable.

VenkateshKakumanu is an excellent comedian, and its comic timing is on point.

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