Putting Up A Porch Screened In Patio

A screened-in porch allows one to relax and enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects. However, the screen itself might droop, develop holes and require repairing every few years. Learn more about the screened in patio.

This comprehensive article teaches how to construct a screen framing system and stretch a porch screen to suit it.

Prepare a Material Count

Width and height parameters are specified for a screened-in porch. Porch screen kits or screen framing systems make installing or replacing the screen surrounding your porch simple. Cleaner results may be expected from this procedure than from using staples.

First, draw a schematic of your porch, including the dimensions of all the vertical and horizontal frame parts supporting the screen. To estimate how much screen you’ll need, multiply the porch’s width by its height, plus 10% for wastage.

Because screen frames may be manufactured in any width, screen sizes can be anywhere from 3 feet to 8 feet. When screening on a porch, it’s important to choose rolls of the screen that are the right size for your framework or any frames that require new mesh. Both the base strips (which have grooves to support the screen) and the cap strips (which cover the base) are sold in 8-foot lengths. Tin snips or any suitable cutting instrument may be used to customize their size.

Services near meTypes of Screen Material

Here we see a screen roll with a close-up of the screen mesh’s weaving. When deciding how to screen on a porch, the screen mesh used is another factor to consider. Porches often employ fiberglass screens instead of the aluminum screen due to the former’s lower cost. It is more user-friendly than metal screen mesh in terms of installation since it is more bendable and doesn’t fold.

Aluminum screens and other metal mesh screens are more resilient than fiberglass screens, which stretch and rip more quickly. If you’re worried about your pet’s paws scratching up the porch, you may screen in the bottom half with the pet-resistant screen. These pet screens are built from a durable plastic mesh that will not rip or puncture. It’s thicker than fiberglass or metal screen mesh, so it’s more noticeable, but it’s a smart option if dogs or youngsters will be using the porch.