What is the difference between deliveree and JNE trucking according to the price?

Before placing an order with any cargo website you must have to check the price and the services provided by them. Because if you are using the highly expensive cargo services then it will increase the cost of your products which is not good for business. We all know that JNE trucking services are most popular nowadays but don’t forget to compare tarif JNE trucking with others.

The comparison will help you to choose the right and most effective one for your business. These are few points that will show you the difference between the tarif JNE trucking and deliveree:

  • When the JNE trucking goes with the JKT-BDG with 100kg goods then it charges 300k while the deliveree charges about 800k.
  • If you have to transport a good of about 500kg with the JKT-SMG then you have to pay 2 million to the JNE trucking and 1.95 million to the deliveree.
  • When the deliveree go with 1000kg from the JKT-SBY then it charges about 2.95 million. On the other hand, the JNE trucking charges 5 million.
  • If you have to transfer the goods of about 2000kg and with the route JKT-YYK then you have to pay about 3.25 million to the deliveree. But the price of the JNE tracking is very high, 8 million.

All the above points are clearly showing you the right charges taken by them. So choose your cargo services wisely otherwise you have to pay a huge amount of money as expenses only.